Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Crazy... I like jewelry.  I like to look at it.  I like to... look at it.
For the past month, I've been sorting, evaluating, photographing, and selling someone else's jewelry.  It's amazing what others collect, and why.  I wish I knew the story of each piece, but I didn't.  An acquaintance died recently and left no indication what to do with her possessions.  I had no idea that she owned so much, and that I would find it in a box and a drawer, in a jumble.
At the last minute, poised ready to sell much of it in an estate sale, I thought how I would like to have some of those pieces, and how much I would offer for them.  But then, what about the jewelry I have?
All of this sorting made me realize that I have plenty and don't wear it.  So why do I want more... to not wear?
I justified the whole thing by assembling my jewelry, sorting through it, putting some in the estate sale, and displaying it so it has a chance of finding its way out of the house.  I have several boxes, but so much that I can't see it properly.  After much deliberation I concluded I don't wear it because I don't see it.  I don't know what I have!! It may as well be in a jumble in a drawer.  My solution:  Display it.
At first I thought I would buy a simple jewelry tree, then I counted up my necklaces...  It was scary... as I counted and realized that no one sells something that would display 40+ necklaces.  I took it into my own creative hands, and decided to go buy a board to fasten to the wall, and add nails.  Then I thought that I might find something ready made... and here it is.
A ready-made shelf.  I sanded and painted it, and nailed tons of little nails into it.  Now I can see lots of necklaces that I spent hours pondering, and untangling.  (Mostly untangling.)


  1. Ok, I'm in Honeoye Falls and your feed lists it so!

    Pretty shelf full of treasures! I've admired framed boxes with hooks, too, but my 'jewels' remain in boxes stuffed in drawers. You've been industrious!

    1. And I've worn more necklaces this past week than in my whole life! :)


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