Monday, August 6, 2012

Humble Paay!

OK, everyone get ready to shake your heads knowingly/in disbelief/in sympathy, whatever...
The good news?  I have a new iPad.  The bad news?  I tried to kill my old iPad.
It is my constant companion...  doesn't talk back, sits quietly until someone rings in on FaceTime.  A great companion, who remembers things (notes), reminds me of things (Reminder), keeps me in touch (Message, Mail), entertains me (KenKen) and organizes my days (Calendar).  These are just a few of the attributes of my companion.
So a few days ago, when I saw it teetering in the 40 mph wind on the hood of my car...
I don't remember much more... maybe I "hit" the brakes...  I backed up and found it resting on the shoulder of the road.  How could this happen?  Well, I put it there. Thought there was NO WAY I could drive off with it.  I did.  One mile.  The back of it is bent, the glass shattered all the way across, with most damage around the edges.  But it WORKS!  Everything works.  As long as I don't mind turning it so the key I want to hit, or the icon I want to click isn't under the broken bits... very depressing.
But I guess I was so miserable that my hubs went out shopping today. (Big Smile Here!)  I don't deserve it him!

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  1. Sorry for your old iPad :-(
    How is the finger?


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