Monday, August 27, 2012

Bags o' Bags

I've been busy, and we all know that begets busy-ness!  My mind has been churning, how to make less clutter... never mind the yarn stash... but the fabric stash, and the jewelry, and books, and tea cups, and...
Inspired by someone else's sewing of bags that are for sale at the museum gift shop, I thought, "I can do that!  And I have the fabric, too."  What I don't have is the time, and the imagination, and sometimes I need interfacing or fleece backing.  So it isn't ALL stored in the house.
I found a great pattern, and I've begun the task of using scraps, and stashed fabric.  As I started looking at it all, I wished I had taken the time for a color class.  It would definitely step up the visual appeal, but instead, I went ahead and made the first proto-type of what I hope is a long line of bags.
 There's little pocket center front and back.  And when you turn it around, you get a different view!
 Looking inside, you'll see pockets and a nifty label that says I knitted it... oops!
Maybe it means it will be full of knitting!


  1. Cute!
    Things I look for in a bag: pockets of different sizes, some with closures, no Velcro, nice long straps for over my shoulder, light-color interior, strong but lightweight.

    Looks like yours has lots of those features already!

  2. The outside of the bag looks great, but it's the inside that got me; it's pretty, it's functional, it's just wow. The seams are perfect. You don't lack imagination, you're a perfectionist!

  3. Bring lots of those bags to the Knitters Fair. You'll need them.


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