Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yarn and shopping

I really like DROPS yarn.  The tactile experience makes me crazy... but in this case, my daughter steered me to something with Hello Kitty on it.  It's going to be wool pants with Hello Kitty on the backside.  It will be adorable, but WHITE!  

Washable, and worn inside or outside under snow pants.  
I have a good start on them,  and I've put a temporary face on it, hoping to attract some interest from a three year old.  Not very successful, so far.
The legs will be stripes of white, pink and fuchsia.  
My other projects:  Wedding socks--almost finished.  Saved to finish the last sock while traveling.
Smocked dress for toddler--came to where I ran out of yarn!  I don't know why, but I brought only 2 balls of that.  (Kicking myself - I could have finished it...and left it here instead of making it travel trans-Atlantic a few more times.)

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