Monday, July 16, 2012

Passing On

Remembering Connie: 1947-2012 She was a sturdy, independent, blonde who was in charge of her life. Intelligence driven, creative, and curious. A distinctive voice in timbre and a champion of the Arts. If you've ever heard her interview someone, or been interviewed by her, you know what an art form she had mastered. She left a legacy of photographs and literature. She took with her a massive knowledge of history, culture, and puns (intended). The radio air waves will miss her, and her friends will be reminded of her by her support of the future of the arts in a remote corner of New Mexico. Thank you, Connie.


  1. She put up a valiant struggle. May she rest in peace. k

  2. This is truly an accurate and beautiful tribute to an accomplished lady.

    Makes you wonder what people will say about you when it is you have passed on. Thank you.


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