Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lemon pie

Everyone, attention now... My yearly attempt to bake has just passed. It came quickly upon me, and is gone again. Ever since H tasted my previous attempt (two years ago) to assemble a decent lemon meringue pie and exclaimed he'd be happy to have it again, I've threatened to repeat my "attempt". It's always an attempt when baking something as American as pie in Norway.
First there is no pie pan, which I find distressing. (I have carried pie pans in my luggage which arrived squished, and once I built one from foil.) And then the crust, no ready-to-roll-out refrigerated crust here, nor Crisco product, which is the only way I feel comfortable making a crust from scratch. (I've tried butter and lard, but I really fail without the pastry blender/cutter.)  Then there's the egg white meringue etc. Why? Why do I do it? To dirty every dish and most of the apartment? Maybe. It turns out...rather well.
Above you see this year's attempt. Perfect little muffin shaped tarts (using a package of dry pie mix intended for quiche) with a perfect meringue if your expectation isn't typical American topping. I guess it baked at too low temperature for too long time, and they turned into Meringues. Nothing wrong with that! Made ten pieces and ...well, they are long gone. Maybe I'll try it at home. No excuses there!

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