Monday, July 23, 2012

In spite of myself...

Even though I try to thwart all attempts at finishing projects, I'm inching "that" much closer to the final stage of Hello, Kitty, Pants!  The face and ends are left:
Our little girl is growing so these are 65 cm/25-1/2 inches long.  I hope they will fit in the Fall.  Extenders can be knitted upon request!
All of those stripes means I had some snarly messes because I resisted cutting the yarn.  I tried to make the stripes as jogless as I could.  As I started the second round of a new color, I slipped the first stitch.  Technically, it should make that inseam about 20 rows shorter than all the other stitches, but it seems to give/stretch and work!
Sometimes cutting the yarn couldn't be avoided...  and in the middle of the leg (as opposed to the seam) I was able to cut one thread instead of two.  (FYI:  Knitted with double strand of fingering weight; DROPS Baby Merino)
With several pairs of socks, and a sweater and a shawl all in progress, I'm now more tempted to finish this off... Knitted ears and bow are next.

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