Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I thought... I was finished

Thursday, I was blocking my mock smock dress.  Usually our "DRY" heat in the SW makes this a short process, but we've been having T-storms every afternoon, and the humidity has been up to 60%, so I let it rest overnight.  Friday morning, I turned it over, and ... ... a dropped stitch.
Look at that little bugger, almost too far down to catch.  I guess that's the "good news".  I trapped it (thinking: "Remember when you got to the top and one of the panels had fewer stitches? And you shrugged your shoulders and decreased one less there? Stoopid.) and
took out a crochet hook...
and there it is.  I haven't yet, but in the near future I'll pull it to the back side and sew it down.  Heart palpitations just went up a bit... but it will be all right.  My mantra:  A Three-year-old doesn't stand still very long!

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  1. I did that too a few years ago, and no one noticed ever since. People don't pay that much attention, especially those who don't knit.


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