Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finger News!

I "graduated"!  I'm wearing the splint only at night.  Using that pinky as much as it will allow.
It's stiff, and should be good in a month...
I broke it on May 19, got to the doctor and started wearing the splint on June 5.  Took it off and "tried to flex" on July 23.
It doesn't want to bend more than this, and I'm not forcing it to... yet!
Can I play piano or organ?  Haven't tried organ, but I have gently played a few keys... not music.  I mean, if I start to play by reading and forget about the finger and let it do something natural, I'm not
sure what it will do or what will happen.  For the next few days or a week, I'll wear the splint while playing.                 

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