Friday, July 6, 2012

End of week Wrap-Up

A week ago I was doing two of my favorite things; Spending time with my favorite girls and knitting a new project.
Hello Kitty!
Do you think toddlers prefer a theme? I don't. I think themes and logos are imprinted on young minds, and at age three, everything is so interesting, there's no manic attachment that can't be replaced by another.  (I welcome your comment, Marija.)
 Even so, Grandma has been swept up by the craze and has started knitting Hello Kitty pants. Wool pants in July? Yes, since my 3 year old might need them in August or certainly in September. Hello Kitty? Yes, to accompany her socks and shoes. (Socks, certainly, but shoes are outgrown in two months.) White? Yes, that is craziness.
 But, washable, and used mostly inside or under rain pants and snow pants. A Hello Kitty face gets embroidered on the bum, and those are eyelets in the waist band for a drawstring.  (Click on images for a closer look.)
Cute? Yes, on my Norwegian model... Can't go wrong!

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