Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Week Later, Knit Nite

We met last week, and I remembered to pull out the camera, though there was SOOOO much scattered chatter thought provoking discussion that I nearly missed my chance!
Here's Elly-boo trying to scare us with stories of grand theft auto:
 She assured us she had a pattern, so I guess she's OK!

Elly-boo's pattern
Then Kooky Gran tuned into Face Time so Kooky Granddaughter could share from afar, and here she is trying on a tank top... uh, I don't think it's going to fit!
 Then Jeebie taught Newbie how to knit, and Newbie got many more stitches completed than the rest of us combined!  Really, Jeebie looks a bit miffed, but she did a great job and deserved to relax.

 In fact, she was knitting:  Knucks!  LOVE that colorway!

Then we have the perpetual projects team:
Beebie with her shawl, blanket, scarf,  throw, ahem, ??  What DO we call it?  A summer top?  We're waiting for the modeling session.
 And Beebie's inspiration:  Deedee, with the scarf that is too long for the picture!  How many times does it wrap around?  Is it a contest???  LOL
 Welcome, Newbie!  Hope we didn't scare you off...

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