Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Rough Weekend

It's not Monday, or Tuesday,... but that should tell you that it was a rough weekend.  And to prove it, here's how I handled it:
I cast on:
That was Saturday, and I (partially) blame Ravelry.  I was fooling around, looking at what patterns I have in my library, and suddenly I was clicking and running for needles and yarn, and... and...  now I have a shawl started.  It was stunning in the pictures, I have LOTS of lace weight yarn in my stash, and isn't this interesting?  It starts at one end rather than at the the top or bottom.  It's called Charybdis Shawl.  I'm in love...
Charybdis or Kharybdis GreekΧάρυβδις) was a sea monster, later rationalised as a whirlpool and considered a shipping hazard in the Strait of Messina.
Then on Sunday,
I guess I was doing the same and feeling like 3 socks on needles wasn't enough, so I cast on, because I could!  And partially because it's from Knit. Sock. Love. and I'm a Cookie A fan.
I call it Summer Hysteria Variety!

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