Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little Here, A Little There...

I'm not very "stick-to-it" this...week/month/year.  That's why I have so many projects and some SO close to finishing.
But the best news:  I'm typing this morning and suddenly realizing I'm using my left pinky, too!  For the past 40 hours, I've been letting it do its own thing, but being careful to NOT use it, like nine finger typing and no piano keys.  Today, I will take another giant step and see if it can play organ keys.  And maybe even piano keys, although I've learned a bunch of pieces for Sunday without it... Maybe I should just forget about that last part.
UNfortunately, it pains me the most when I'm knitting.  Bending and curling is the most uncomfortable and I've discovered that when knitting I position my pinky curled under the other fingers (for support?) and it gets really sore.  It was straight for 7 weeks...  It's getting better!
What have I knitted?

Side A of #3
Not easy to wear THIS sock!

  1. I've finished the pants (Hello, Kitty), sewn the ears and bow on;  needs a face.
  2. Completed the heel of my stripe sock, erm... one sock.  (Toe up)
  3. Almost completed the heel FOR THE SECOND TIME on my double-knit sock. (See above.) This one is a challenge.  When I thought I was finished with the heel the first time, I discovered I had crossed the yarns AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SHORT ROWS and had to rip it all out and...carefully pick up the stitches.  (Double knitting:  Both sides of the sock are on one needle, alternating colors.  If the yarn twists, it's REALLY difficult to notice until it's rows past the mistake.
  4. And I'm still intrigued with designs by chart (Cookie A) on one sock.  It's top down and I've completed about 4 inches.  It's so much fun to see patterns...
Side B of #3
More info on my Ravelry page.  Knit Knight To-Knight!

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