Monday, June 4, 2012

June Wedding

I was able to finish off one pair of socks for myself, and have others on my needles with less than two week deadline.
 One down, 3 to go.
Here's my story:  I intended to work on these while I had leisure time every evening on my 18 day rafting trip, but it didn't turn out that way.  Evenings were often busy with getting things set up, cooking, and sleeping!
Once the sun went down, knowing we'd be up at "first light", it was hit the sack, and stargazing.

On Day 12, the cable came apart from the needle.  I was using my 2.25 mm "short" circulars from KA Switch set.  I needed that size, and I was afraid to take regular dpn's for fear of breaking them or stabbing something.  That slowed me down a bit.  Day 13 was a "layover" day where we hung around in a beautiful canyon and mustered our courage for the biggest rapid of the trip. (Lava Falls Rapid; #9)
I managed to knit by threading 10 stitches at a time from the cable onto my left needle, and knitting them off.  I sat for hours in any shade, knitted and watched the hummingbirds, other birds, lizards, damselflies, and really enjoyed myself.  We all came out of the canyon once someone called out that there was shade on the beach, where we camped.
On the drive home, I thought I'd manage a few solid hours of knitting, only half hour into the journey the needle broke right at the metal fitting.  Then it was thrown in the bag, and ... I brought out the "other" socks.  Those have been on needles since early April, and had no deadline.  I was using a 2.5 mm Addi circular and the world was right again.

I'm back to the dpn's (2.25 mm Crystal Palace bamboo, of which I have 9 needles from two sets;  they break...) and as long as I can watch "Days of Our Lives", which I don't have to WATCH, just listen, I'm chugging along.  I'm really smitten by "Sherlock", which I DO have to watch, even though I've seen it one or two times previously.

Planted my tomato plants a month earlier than last year, so this is my reward.  (GROW)

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  1. So frustrating to have those needle problems! I have an interchangeable circular set, and I have problems with the cable coming out of its metal fitting. It makes me really grumpy when it happens.


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