Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer Knitting!

It's not really summer, but I'm happy to say, "I'm ahead of the game!"
Not only do I have the next 2 months totally planned, with a trip west, a trip east, and a wedding in between (north), I finished a tank top... Yes!  Something that can actually be used in a few months.  Not for me, but for my daughter, so it's going in a suitcase at the end of May.
I love Elsebeth Lavold patterns.  Yes, they are not very user friendly, but once you've done a few, you catch on.  First off, she doesn't explain details in her patterns, so you HAVE to read her general instructions tucked away in the back of her booklets.  (I have several of the Viking Series.)  The one thing that makes it work is using the correct yarn--her yarn products.  They are pricey and aren't always available, but ... worth it!
It's nicer on bare skin, but the white helps to show off the lace leaf pattern.  The front and back are the same with "interrupted" ribbing.
I was unsure about the length for the straps so I was generous.  The needles show where I had to rip back which brings me to one of those head-scratching directions.  At the top shoulder bind off, there are instructions to make short rows.  I nodded and accepted the need to possibly slope the shoulders from arm to neck, but when I knitted as told, it looked and felt like I was knitting an upside-down U.  Oh well, I say as I blindly follow directions.
It wasn't until I ripped back that I found the reason:
The lace was creating a concave shape (left) and needed filling in to be straight (right).  Brilliant, I tell you!! I didn't discover it until this point.  In fact, as I contemplated "sewing" the tops, I had thought that I'd do a 3-needle bind off without the short rows. When I started ripping out and saw what it looked like, the short rows made sense.
One general modification of the pattern:  I knitted in the round up to the armholes.  And added a faux seam (1 purl stitch) on each side.  
Hey!  This may be my first "sweater set!  It's the same yarn as Pas de Valse.

Pattern: Audrey by Elsebeth Lavold from Book Four: The Sophisticated Lady Collection  Yarn: Silky Wool by Elsebeth Lavold, DK / 8 ply 45% Wool, 35% Silk, 20% Nylon, 192 yards / 50 grams


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  2. Not a pain, but time consuming. Love your blog!! Can't seem to do it easily.

  3. You spoiled the surprise! But I'm happy anyway. :)


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