Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grand Canyon trip 1

Traveling-in-vehicle sock project
Knitting?  Not so much.  I have returned from a wilderness experience of rafting through the Grand Canyon gorge, 280 miles, rapids, camping, and all the niceties that entails.  Hiking a bit (not nearly as much as many of the others), 18 days, 16 people, none of this pansy commercial stuff, we carried, hauled, cooked, cleaned, and were sun-treated.  The end result?  What a place.  What a time!!  No communication with anyone else except a brief call home to leave a message on Day 7.  On that same day I sat down at a real table and wrote/sent a few postcards to be carried out by pack mule.
So many stories:  So I'll start with day one (because I'm sure I took more pictures that day than any other).
Loaded and ready to move
Friday afternoon we arrived at the put-in ramp at Lee's Ferry, Arizona.  Camped nearby on the river's edge and after morning Park Ranger briefing, we were off.  I mentioned to some that I didn't row.  Yet there is a picture of me at the oars.  It wasn't that much.  Fifteen minutes, maybe twice.  One of them was on day two through a little rapid-like thing and the water felt like a brick wall.  I'm pretty sure that if my rower fell out, I'd have the adrenalin to get the boat somewhere useful, but I didn't need to test that fact.

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Grand Canyon pictures:  Day One

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