Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where have I been?

I've been around... around and around, resisting temptations of the knitting sort.  Succumbing to temptations of the ice cream sort... but giving in.  Today I looked at one of my "Ravelry Friend's" newest creation.  Socks.  Yes, we feed each other, don't we.  I saw her "Monkey" socks from Knit. Sock. Love. and somehow my fingers clicked all the boxes that ended with me gasping in amazement, and wondering how I avoided this book for so long.
Dang it, Ravelry!  You make it so easy...
Yes, when it first came out, I looked at it longingly, then it was in my shopping cart at Amazon, and then it wasn't.  And today, I downloaded the eBook.  But I still wasn't sure I had done the right thing until I started to click through it.
#1:  I thought I found a nice pattern, then
#2:  I found there were more patterns, then
#3:  I found I was on page 116 and
#4:  There were many more pattern, then
#5:  I started thinking I better get busy!
There are SO many sock patterns in the world, and I am still overwhelmed with the designs I see in this book.
Didn't I just finish a pair?
Don't I have 2 other pair on needles? And who's counting?
Ahem... later, Gator!


  1. it's a slippery slope...I wish I only had 2 other pairs of socks on needles!!

    can't wait to see your next creations. you have a better record of finishing.

  2. What? No picture of some more awesome socks to be?

  3. Hee Hee. You indeed had better get busy.


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