Monday, February 13, 2012

Is it silly to fix?

Is it silly to spend ... time on fixing one stitch?
Does it really bother you? Will you look at that stitch and seek it out? Stare at it and point it out to other knitters so they will know that YOU know it's there?
Answer: you should probably fix it sooner rather than later. Usually it takes me a row or a few dozen before it becomes like an ache you can't ignore.
I just had one of those moments. Happens all the time, really. I'm knitting 2 row stripes. I'm trying to be super careful about the "jog" and the disguise thereof. I have seven stripes, plus one row of new color and I'm admiring how well it's turning out. I'm thinking, "This looks dang good!" Why haven't I been doing this slip one stitch technique before? And I've been admiring every row all along. Then I notice at this eighth stripe that ONE stitch looks larger than the others. It's the last stitch of the previous color and it looks ... BIG. Some of the other "last" stitches do too but not like this one. So I begin to work it down to size. Ah! Perfect! But now I have an extra hunk of yarn on the backside just hanging there and taunting me with it's potential to go back where it came from. It could work its way back and become a big stitch again or worse, make my first stitch, which will be slipped, into an Enormous stitch.
I'm feeling pretty good right now. I ONLY had to rip back one row. I feel that's such an improvement on previous behaviors, I didn't mind it at all.
(Again, I have beautiful photos, which will appear in a later blog.  Give me two weeks! Then check out Ravelry.)
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  1. "Admire your work often" is the advice another organist/knitter shared with me, and I pass it on often. If you look often you see it sooner and can fix it easier, just like you said!

  2. Those 'big' stitches even themselves out with washings and wearings. That's my story.


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