Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blog two

Egypt  A desert adventure for all my sweethearts! Wow! Sore legs. Tomorrow I expect I'll be really stiff getting up and down.  For being the typical athletic knitter... Know anyone? (a new oxymoron) ... In one six hour period I stepped up into the back of a jeep 80 times (or at least a few dozen), I was jiggled for hours over sand washboard non-roads, hiked my leg up well above my waist to get on top of a camel, bobbed and lurched to hold balance, climbed a rocky out crop to see the sunset a second time, took amazing pictures, and fell into bed.  I still have no solution for sending and applying photos to this blog at this time.  Didn't feel too bad this morning, so I took a swim and snorkel in the Red Sea bay. Fascinating what is just under the surface. All kinds of excursions are offered and few mention that it's not THAT cold. The water is about 21 C. I don't use a wet suit and have great faith in the buoyancy of salt water. What about sting rays? With blue spots. How dangerous are they? They look pretty menacing. I try to quietly glide by. Took some pictures. You can find three good sized reefs right from the beach and lots of individual small ones.  If I can get up tomorrow, I'll have another look. 

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