Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blog Three

Days on the Red Sea coast with a toddler

Our days revolve around a lazy schedule of going to the beach: dig in the sand, look at what is at the water's edge, a snorkel tour for me, knitting a few rows under the parasol. A stroll back to the room for lunch and nap time. Most days we all nap. Then a trip to the hotel pool. Sometimes we reverse the order to combat boredom. Oh yeah, we aren't bored! The sun and wind have been perfect most days. Sunny enough to make the temperature rise, and windy enough to keep us from baking. Our pasty white skin has a beige cast that is only discernible when we strip down. Otherwise we are looking healthy. Tanned? No, but what most white people look like in the winter months. (I come from pale Irish stock.)

Snorkeling is definitely my entertainment. I'm tickled that the Makadi Bay has reefs and beautiful fish right off the beach. There are three areas that are roped off, so that boats don't run into them. Several days I went in at low tide. It's a pleasure to just put on a mask at the shore and go. Even though I've gone six days in a row, I love swimming with the fish, noticing a particularly colorful big one, or dozens of black and white zebra stripped ones, or the many sting rays that shuffle along on the bottom. They can be a bit spooky, because they appear so menacing. Their bright blue spots look lethal, and I try to avoid passing right over them, if I can. Today I saw an eel, and yesterday there was a puffy unattractive guy lurking around a rock. I was passing him when I thought I'll circle back and have another look. When I did, he had circled around the rock too and was facing me as I approached a second time. He was watching me!

Knitting! Just you wait! I'm knitting the craziest little pullover, with faux layered sleeves in orange and yellow stripes, and purple trim. Yep! Just imagine.

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