Friday, February 10, 2012

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From somewhere between the desert and the sea. On the edge of both really. I have a lovely picture of the desert from our balcony.  Alas, I have no way of showing it to you.  Maybe in two weeks.
Below our third floor balcony is a watchman guarding the perimeter of Makadi City. I noticed him the first evening, standing and sitting. Easily bribable, keeping intruders from the desert out. There is a 'serious' checkpoint into and out of this compound on the bay. We rolled right through on the bus last night after a 20 minute ride on dark, well paved roads with a round-about (traffic circle) halfway from the airport. I happened to view it from the right as we were approaching and held my breath as I witnessed two buses barreling down at top speed from another highway. I wondered briefly about rules, decided there weren't any and we exited on the other side with the two buses long gone in front of us.
My well traveled daughter expects that all drivers are dangerous and refuses to take her toddler anywhere unless it's an emergency. (She's very content with her home city buses with seat belts and child seats.) Today, on day one, she left her toddler sleeping in the other room to brave Egyptian culture, bank, checkpoints, taxi and grocery store to forage for us.
We have a little efficiency apartment with separate bedroom and microwave, and even though there are ten restaurants within walking distance, we intended to eat 'in' much of the time. The only 'real' grocery store is a 20 minute taxi ride away. I wished her luck and I hope to see her again!
What's it like? We came from miserable snow and melting snow and rain and hoped it would be perfect bathing weather. It isn't but it sure isn't bad. On a scale of one to ten where one is the worst weather in the world and ten is the most beautiful this is an eight. It's very windy which I think contributes to the sun being obscured. There have been moments of bright sun and they are lovely but I could use some heat. It's certainly nice to be outside but not in my summer clothing. I can tell that if the wind were to stop everyone would be shedding a layer and jumping in the pool. On a scale of one to ten with our lowest expectations being a one I would give it a six. This is less than 24 hours after arrival. Hoping for better!
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PS.  Daughter returned with groceries that will keep us happy for ... maybe 2 weeks!  Her "limosine" driver was in suit and tie.  Very impressive!  Texting all the way, but on a double lane highway, with traffic in the other direction so far away that only fear of running into sand.

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