Monday, January 30, 2012

Here Today!

There tomorrow!
Link to Web cam.  I'll be within walking distance to this place.  Want to make a date? Mid day will be 4-8 AM MST.

I've been busy... Family, shopping, music, teaching, little knitting, and today I pack "for real".  Off soon, but you won't be forgotten!  My biggest challenge is to try to adjust my body forward 8 time zones.  Well, not 8, but at least 4.  I'm feeling like I could go to bed around 7 PM, so I feel I made some progress.  Say, bedtime is at midnight, I would have to adjust it to 4 PM.  My hope is to get some sleep on the 8 hour flight.  A good pillow and a boring book...

Last minute FO this morning.  Got up at 4 AM.  Trying to be quiet...
What is that?  Here's the... 'yarn'.  I have some difficulty labeling it 'yarn'.

Marinaby Rozetti YarnsWorsted / 10 ply
100% Acrylic
33 yards / 100 grams
By catching the upper loops, the material drapes and makes this:
What am I leaving behind? My favorite flower, Jenny, with THREE (3) stems with buds.  The second stem just started yesterday, and the first one has been out 2 weeks.  It's all luck!
Knitting is packed, but not much else.  Gotta go!  Thanks for reading.


  1. Have a great trip. You will be missed at Knit Night! Hugs to C and JJ.

  2. it is pretty there even at night!
    Have fun!!!
    and don't forget to take your medicine with you-just in case.
    safe trip!!


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