Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Final Seam

After six months of thoughts, starts and frogs, seams and colors, I'm finished.
Here's some of the process:
A little cut out for the back of the neck, a little more to shape the front neck, a cut down the front for a button opening.  Front button/buttonhole tabs knit, collar stitches picked up and knitted.  Look what you can cover with all that knitting!
Neatens it up nicely!  (Norwegian instructions from the '90's.)
The inside shot:  Pay attention here, because I'm going to ask for comments later.
Then there's the sleeves.
I don't know why most knitters are afraid of cutting their knitting...  Oh, yeah, you can make a mistake, like cut too much... I did.  I slit the sleeve opening too far down.  I tried to just sew it up, but it looked all bunched up, so I ended up sewing a whole faux seam all the way down on that side.  Not perfect, but no one would notice unless it was being judged.  (I hope it's acceptable to the day care workers who are expecting great things of Juju's American Grandma!)
And the finished product:
And now for the comments.
Go ahead, and click on the above to enlarge.  Comments and thoughts are welcome on WHY, I ask, WHY is the coloring different in the band of pattern at the bottom of the button tab?  Do you see it?  The yarn is the same lot, and I can only imagine that I did something when stranding the two colors, but I can't see it.  Who thinks they know what I did?
Next week:  Modeled.  Drum roll, please... will it fit?


  1. only thing I can think of is that you switched the colors from one hand to the other. it makes one color more prominent--only shows when you switch hands.

    That should be in the in fo I gave you from Lucy Neatby-that's who I learned it from.

    Can't wait to see Miss J in her new sweater!!

  2. Of course! That's what happened. I was holding the colors consistently left hand white and right hand purple. I must have reversed them for that section. I don't remember reading or knowing that it would make a difference, but there it is! Thanks, Pattie, for shedding light on that. I'll quietly go and sulk now. LOL

    1. don't sulk!!!

      The sweater is beautiful, and anyone who says different can go knit their own masterpiece, if they can!!

  3. I think it is beautiful and certainly should pass day care staff inspection.


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