Sunday, January 1, 2012

Counting Accomplishments

So many things happen in a year.  And how well we tally them...? Not so well.
Here are a few stabs at counting up where the year has gone.  Maybe you can do some math, too!  You can either make me look like a slacker or OC(D).

  1. First, and last is knitting:  According to I've used up almost 10 miles of yarn. (I know: There's only 9.14 and you are wondering about my 'rounding' skills... I rounded up because there are two sweaters more than half finished which are not included in knitmeter.) I think it's surprisingly little!  That's less than a mile a month!  Shame on me...
  2. Knitted projects:  48 projects!  Now, that's scary...
  3. Of those, knitted socks: 7 pairs, (2 for my daughter, 1 for granddaughter, 4 for "ME")  Maybe some of those will move to Norway, permanently, in February. Somehow, my daughter magnetizes them and they stick to her!
  4. Projects for granddaughter: 14.  (over 25% of my FO's)
  5. Yarn bought or acquired:  33 'items'  or 102 skeins/balls  (I'm not up to spending the rest of the day figuring out how many miles of yarn that is, and then calculating if it's even close to 10 miles...It would be nice to think so!)
  6. Books read:  0  That's right!  There's room for improvement here.
  7. Books listened to:  First 3 Harry Potter books.
  8. Geocaches found:  18.  Surprised?  I'm not... and I know of plenty of geocachers who do that every month!  See?  I'm not 'so bad'...
  9. Countries visited:  4 or maybe more... those Caribbean Islands...
  10. States:  3 plus Puerto Rico
  11. Trips to Albuquerque:  0   That's something to celebrate!
  12. Trips across the Atlantic: 2 (one round trip)  HA!  I bet there are people out there that thought there were more! LOL
  13. Church services played: 90;  that equals (roughly) 270 hymns, or 675 verses
  14. That also equals approximately 150 solos, and probably 250 accompaniments for soloists and choirs.
  15. Not counting weddings and funerals.
  16. There are a number of hours I volunteered at the museums in town.  They keep a record of that.  Report on that at another time.
  17. Blog posts:  227  (How many hours would THAT be!)
  18. The rest?  The usual.

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