Monday, January 9, 2012

another knit nite of fun and laughter

Everyone is busy:  We skipped a week and met after a 3 week hiatus, which put everyone into a talkative mood, with little progress from last time.
Here are some finished projects!
Cell phone warmer!

Hobo mitts, becoming a habit!  How many now?
 Some projects that aren't finished:

Little Violet's Yeti

Someone else's Yeti, TBA
Beadwork on the short end
Never ending scarf.  

And New Year projects:
Yet again, MORE fingers

and using up leftover yarn.
One sock, same yarn, second pattern.
Same crazy conversations, and wonderful company!

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  1. So much fun. 3 weeks is a long itme I bet you had lots to talk aobut.


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