Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Those young people...."

All I can say is that it's a good thing!  If there weren't young people, we "oldies" would be stuck in a rut.  Blanket statement there!
I'm just sayin'...  Think about it.  How many new things have you tried because someone near and dear to you, someone probably MUCH younger gave you the nudge?
Here's an example:
 Think about it!  Pancakes in a can.  And not just plain ol' pancakes... Whole Wheat Organic Batter Blaster.  And not only is there "no mess, no cleanup" but they are delicious!
Breakfast: A complete meal!
I'm just sayin'....
(No, I didn't add any "Slap yo mama".)


  1. Call me old fashioned. The BEST part of pancakes is licking the raw batter (and the salmonella from raw eggs) out of the bowl.

  2. looks tasty to me!
    who is the young person who introduced you to squeezable pancakes?

  3. Well, what will they think of next.


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