Saturday, December 17, 2011

Land Ho! A marathon sock project

Why? Why do we knitters insist on torturing ourselves, and as soon as we see the end in sight, we start lining up more... lovely objects to knit?
Yes, I truly believe that my daughter will donate my stashes, and I will do my best to knit and sew the rest of my life.  Such is my burden... lol... however, what I am referring to as torture are my recent Busy Bee Socks.   Torture no longer, I've worn them every day since binding off at Knit nite.
The torture part is the length of time it took to get them on my feet!  And, well, there was a 'little' bit of teeth gnashing with rows and rows of crossing one stitch over another.  The toes were easy:
And the foot, being stockinette on the under-side was interesting, but by the time I had completed the second 'big' honeycomb I realized I better knit these two-at-a-time.  If I hadn't, I bet this one sock would be languishing in a drawer.  But look at that wool!  I have quite a stash of sock yarn, yet when I saw this in the LYS, hand-dyed by Color Fest Fiber Arts, Ignacio, CO, it didn't take that long to find it on my needles... 65% superwash merino, 10% donegal, 25% nylon.  It has these crazy bits of blue and red barely sticking to it.  I hope they don't just fall off...
Back to the knitting.  Toes, foot, heel, all good!
Then I came to the leg.  Just as I was growing weary of the honeycomb, it doubled to cover the front and back of the leg, of course.
The one drawback to knitting two-at-a-time socks:  The stitches stretch between the needle crossover.  I pull and pull to make them as tight as I can, yet there's always that little gap.  I honestly don't see it in the above picture, so the honeycomb must absorb it, but in the cuff...
Rounds of purl for the "beehive"-- I discretely turned the gap-iness so it's not in the picture.  The honeycomb went on forever!  And I was so glad to get to the "beehive" part, but totally beaten with a board when I saw there was yet another buzzing (yet, interesting) "busy bee" design, and then the interminable "beehive was back...  I bound off with a picot bind off for fear they wouldn't go around my calf.  It tucks (or rolls) behind the 'beehive' and ... gosh... I love 'em!
Sorry, everyone, they fit me perfectly!
I must be pretty content.  I haven't started another pair of socks, where I normally do within hours.  (Finished Thursday night.)

Busy Bees - August by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence from Knit Picks Website: I used the pattern from "Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders".  

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  1. Beautiful!! KE calls my shawls 'works of art,' as in, "Just wear one of your works of art and jeans." Those socks fall in that category!

    I have a few sock UFOs in the art category...really must pull out a pair to work on.


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