Friday, December 30, 2011


Everybody needs them... everybody makes them!  I decided that my knitter friends don't need knits... but they need project bags.
I looked up (googled) how-to sites, and since I needed to get one (above) in the mail ASAP, I never found what I was looking for.  I 'reinvented the wheel' and it's OK, but THEN, (sorry, Pattie) I found what I was looking for.
Thanks to Kristina, who made the "cosmetic bag" over a year ago, and a link to the tutorial she used.   I love you all!   Thanks for sharing!
My tip... I've had this little doodad for years and rarely use it, but when I do-- I'm ecstatic because it works!  I used it here to make the straps.  Makes a neat turn:  You set the iron on the folded end coming out, pull and iron.

 Here's what the bags look like before the corners are sewn, wrong side out.
 And finished!
 Project bags for everyone!  Happy New Year!

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