Monday, November 14, 2011

A typical day...The Knitting Did It!

Oh, please, no...  today should be just one of those flukes...
My Sunday:
6:30 AM:  Alarm goes off (nice soft music to lull me awake).  I glance at the dog.  I glanced at the dog every few hours all night.  She's old, and unreliable... she paces with anxiety for half an hour and then falls asleep for hours.  I still have to watch...
I shower and dress, wake doggy and steer her wobbly arthritic legs to the door.  She limbers up quickly... trots out and does what's expected of her.  "Good 'ole dog," I hear my father saying.  He's been gone for 10 years but I still remember his recreation of Charlie Brown.
7:30 AM:  I'm ready to go, with just a little cereal in front of me.  I've already attempted 2 different combinations of dog and cat food to entice doggy to eat.  She's not interested.  Oh, well.
7:50 AM: If I leave now, I'll just make it to church to rehearse with choir and allay everyone's fears that I might not show up.  But why haven't I located my glasses?  I make another sweep of all of the usual places I might have left them the night before.  I'm in total panic mode ...
8:00 AM: I should be at church.  I locate my old glasses, and notice I haven't put on stockings or shoes... GAAAHH!  I grab 'knee-hi's' and the second one has THEE most enormous run... there's almost nothing left of it!  What happened the last time I wore those????
8:03 AM:  As I pull out of the garage I call my boss at church.  She must be late, too, because she's usually calling me by this time.  I have a short dialogue with her ending with, "I'll be there in 10 to 15 minutes." and hang up as she gasps.  I'm there in 8 minutes, we have time for only one of the two pieces.  My eyes are sticky and blurry from... allergies?  I don't know, but it's very unnerving to read music with 6 or 7 lines on a staff.
8:25 AM:  What elves crept in and took my glasses last night?  The only place I didn't look is in my purse.  But why would I put my glasses in my purse when I put them on my face when I get up in the morning?  I look anyway, and when I see my knitting in there, I have this sinking feeling... and sure enough, wrapped in the knitting are... my glasses.  In my haste the evening before, to prepare for a swift departure in the morning, I grabbed up my knitting and threw it in the purse... my glasses and all. Relieved that I found them, embarrassed that I found them...
What else could go wrong?
Unexpected rain in the desert Southwest.  Good 'ole dog!

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  1. So worried that it was going to be about Beverly...glad you found your specs!


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