Monday, November 7, 2011

To do Tuesday...

The pressure is on... suddenly, I'm in startitis mode, thinking of gifts, Christmas, little people growing out of sizes I've started...  you know that sinking feeling when you realize that you haven't picked up a project intended for that 2 year old, and realize that she's almost 3...
My hub is traveling East in less than a week, leaving home in three days, and I really would like to send two UFO's with him.
One:  A new bonnet, requested by a niece for her little one.  It's quite easy to do requests when someone knows exactly what they want, and the colors, and is willing to pay for it, too!  And family, of course.  So, I wouldn't take money for it.  It will be a gift.
Needs an inch of pink ribbing at the bottom, and a row of pink crochet around the face opening.
Two:  A little pullover for another niece's little one.  Back is finished, needs the rest... hmm. Two days?
Very cute ribbing pattern at the top and bottom, done in cotton.
Three:  Not really a deadline, but the child is growing!  Intended to be a pullover, I think I'll cut it open and make it into a cardigan so I can add a bit of width with button bands.
Hearts and Flowers - better be done by the end of the month so it will be delivered before Christmas.
Four and Five:  My knitting class that I'm teaching ends in one week.  Here are the projects, which won't be finished by then...
Cabled scarf, intended for my ambitious beginners, and short row heel sock for my ambitious intermediate knitters.
See you next week!!  HA!!

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