Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tale of Two Shawls: Part 2

OWS completed!  SO happy with it.  No more holes and this is how I've been wearing it:
 Where did all of that work go? (See Part 1)
Meanwhile, stop me if you can... I finished the Polaris Shawl.  Looks great in this picture, but think how great it will look if I block it!
Then again, I sadly realize that there will be NO points, no double points as in the beautiful pattern picture... I obviously don't know how to cast on loosely.  I've accepted it in the OWS but I'm thinking how much MORE I would love this shawl if I frogged the whole thing and REALLY concentrated on a loose cast on.  OR I could try to cast on loosely and even complete the bottom beaded part without frogging.  I probably have enough to make a second shawl...  Let's not be rash.  Knit night is Thursday... advice before then?

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  1. Both look amaizing, please don't frog it!!! Blocking should help a bit. After all the work, hours and hours, it most certainly doesn't look bad enough to frog, in fact it doesn't look bad at all. Maybe next time use a larger needle just for the CO, but I'm not a right person to give advice in this case because I have the exactly opposit problem; my CO is too loose for my taste, therefore I use a smaller needle just for the CO.


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