Monday, November 28, 2011

Repeat after me...

I 'heart' knitting - repeat... I'm trying to remain positive, but these socks are eating my mojo. I love a challenge when it comes to socks. I like the idea of socks with intricate designs but maybe I don't need such minutiae. I'm SO close to finishing yet every round seems like an eternity. Correction: every other row is an eternity alternated with a row that has no twisted stitches or cabling. Will it ever end?
Good:  Two at a time!  I KNOW I wouldn't get a pair if I had done one at a time...
 Tedious: Teeny Tiny cables at both sides.  Criss-crossing 1 by 1 over 8 stitches, the Busy Bee pattern down the middle with "honey comb" on the sides.
 Crazy:  32 stitches of single cable...Quite tolerable until I rounded the heel and it turned into double the pattern on the leg...
Luckily I have four other projects to turn to.
Pattern:  Busy Bees - Augustby Kerin Dimeler-Laurence from Knit Picks Website, however I found this pattern in Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders.
Hmmm.  They look rather nice in the pictures... maybe I'm just tired and grumpy.


  1. You have lost your motivation. Believe me those sock are worth the pain and you will say so too when you are done with them!

  2. the socks are great!!

    i have trouble with the intricate socks, but I them, too! My trouble is that they end up in the unfinished sock bag(a REALLY big bag) and I buy yet another set of sock needles.

    you're so-o-o-o close, soldier on!

  3. the first sentence should end with "I heart them, too!"

    (I have no brain)

  4. Don't you find that the 'hurryered' you try to knit, the longer it seems to take?


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