Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lessons learned in Class

For the past month, I've been teaching knitting.  Not the occasional tip or picking up a stitch when a friend appears in distress at choir practice, but officially offered two classes through the local Community Learning Center.  It has been a HOOT!  The director for the program is jealous.  I know!  She has mentioned that she wistfully peeks through the glass to see and hear our out-bursts of laughter.  And I give these women (one man signed up but never showed) such credit.
You know... you've done it too; signed up for something that you've ALWAYS wanted to do since you were a young adult.  Guitar, piano? Knitting? Skiing?  And then the reality of life smacks you and you realize that it takes gosh dern stick-to-it-iveness. And practice and sometimes hard work and frustration.  Well, these 12 women have gone through all of that.  Then there's the first time teacher... me.  I've been a life-long teacher, so I probably am pretty hard on myself because I know things have gone wrong, and I have only myself to blame.

#1 - One hour isn't enough.  The time just flies, and suddenly there's another class waiting to come in. Or I feel I've just made a critical statement which I should back up before setting them out into the world.
#2 - Test your pattern.  No, duh!  In my defense, I thought I had.  I had looked over the pattern and started it, but imagine copying a FREE pattern, getting started to find out that there's something seriously wrong with row 19.  Yep!  "Take One, I'm Free, Use my yarn" right there attached to the yarn shelf.  When I got to Row 19, I noticed that the cable instructions wouldn't create what I saw in the pattern picture...  Luckily, it was the end of the hour!  I went home, and sure enough, I found a whole new re-make of the pattern through Ravelry.
#3 - Friends!  Suddenly I have a dozen new friends!  They are all happy, think I'm wonderful... (how long will THAT last? LOL) and are looking forward to my next class.  That is SUCH an 'upper'!  Even my Math students are asking if I'll be teaching the next level next semester.  The teacher/student relationship is so special.  I've been very lucky to be in this profession.
The questionable pattern:  Above Red Scarf. Reversible Cables Rib Scarf by Marilyn Losee from Caron International Yarns.  Don't get it off the shelf!

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