Thursday, November 3, 2011

Come on in!

For our convenience, we have pet doors.  There's a large one in a screen door for the dog and a smaller cat door that goes to the garage with a third one that goes from the garage to the outside.
The problem with this time of year is that anyone can use them.  The weather is nice, and having an old dog necessitates that there be access to the back yard.

In the past month,
1) I was awoken to scratching at my bedroom door, wandered out to the kitchen to find the neighbor's cat slinking around.
2) Numerous mice are caught by our felines and released for amusement (not our amusement, however).
3) Same for little lizards and grasshoppers.
4) Last night I noticed a certain amount of attentiveness from our dog to activity on the back patio.  It was a beautiful skunk.  They sure are pretty!  It was picking up leftover crumbs from our blind dog and gave a wistful glance and sniff at the doggy door as I slowly slid the glass door closed.
I guess we have to be vigilant...

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