Monday, October 31, 2011

Workshop in lace

A few weeks ago I attended an all day workshop on Estonian Lace with Nancy Bush.
What lovely examples she had with her, even though I have no intention of re-creating anything like them.  She DID inspire me to go to Estonia... to seek out the yarn shops, and look at samples myself.
Lace isn't for everyone, and I've done enough of it to pick and choose what I wanted to attempt that day... Friend, Kay, had a wonderful time.  After 5 rows she threw up her hands in disgust and cheerfully frogged the whole mess when she discovered the wrong number of stitches.
Here she is half hour later, with her same 5 rows, and STILL the wrong stitches...
No, really, we laughed a lot!! Especially after lunch when we decided to pack it in!  And Nancy insisted righting the wrong...
I have this beginning of a sampler to show:
Nupps and stars!  Peacocks and lillies!  Above there are three patterns separated by a single row of garter stitch.


  1. lace often beats me too. Although I just started 'My First Lace Scarf' from Sally Melville's latest book - and I think I've got it!! Yay!!

  2. i am going to estonia in two days...with an infant and a toddler and a grown up kid called husband in can always join us :)


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