Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kniting Out

MeBee keeps torturing us with the pullover on which we gave advice.  Me Bee, you won't like it:  Cut it up and start again, we said, so here she is, 6 months later.  The weather's getting cold!
 Ellie is busy, too, only she doesn't listen to people who tell her to rip it out.  Look how happy she is, and how beautiful her shawl is!
 GrandmaK is on yet another sweater... yummy stuff.
 And GranddaughterJ is doing her best to keep up... teaching full-time, too!
 The replacement baby sweater... not needed because the dreaded cabled baby blanket was a hit.  You better hurry up, or is this one for the NEXT baby?
 Keeping warm and loving those colors.  Just one more light green, don't ya think?
Last of all, let's share the harvest!  A freeze is coming the next few nights:   Basil for all!
And date candies, all wrapped up in white paper.  Thanks, everyone!

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