Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's been a slow month... NOT!

Where have I been?
#1:  Toddler and daughter are visiting.

#2:  I said yes to too many classes (Math, Pipe Organs, Knitting).  I love them all but I didn't realize what it would be like to combine them.

#3:  I "had" a certificate.  A gift for $100 worth of photo products from Picaboo.  One of those Groupon things... It's a great deal, but I find it quite time consuming to decide what to make, and then make it.  I've had a year, and it expires tomorrow, so I was down to the deadline with the loftiest of goals:  Clean out ALL of my old photos from generations and put them into a neat photo book.

 Good news:  I managed to create 2 books and use my certificate with one day to spare!  Bad news:  I barely touched the surface of my photo-stash.

It was fun looking at them, and running out of the room to show others, and my standards aren't so high that it should take forever... just sitting down to do the scanning and cropping... but now I can relax.  I feel I've made a dent, and I await the finished product in a week or two.
Time for more toddler!
Ah!  There's the knitting...


  1. That's a great pic of Juju! This is definitely the time of year for taking too much on.

  2. math, Pipe Organs and Knitting. What a diverse bunch - and what an interesting person you must be


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