Sunday, October 9, 2011

Can't Keep UP!

I've been busy.  Something has to give... teaching, playing, museum time, blogging, knitting, gardening, laundry, fixing things for certain visitors, sorting through photos?

I've started picking and choosing, and guess what?  Blogging is really taking a hit.  I don't read them and I don't write them (as often).
Things aren't going to get any better... I've signed up for a Nancy Bush workshop next Saturday, and my daughter and granddaughter will be visiting for the next weeks.  Remember last March, how much I got done then?  But I love you all!
I have several posts started, but they are awaiting time to fine tune.  You'll see Knit Nite, and comments from previous FO's, and ... you'll hear about my kitchen fire, of course, no pictures... too busy putting out fires and ...  but what you DO need to hear about right now, is someone else's projects.  It's in Norwegian, but don't let that scare you...  she's amazingly versatile and talented, and when I saw this last blog, I just fell off the chair.
Muffin's World showcases this person's (Jorid's) knitting, painting, crocheting, embroidery, photography and general chit-chat.  (Great recipes, too.)
This is the link to her post about Finishing the Leftovers Jacket.  Yes, she used leftover yarns and every favorite pattern she has. For more of this sort of thing, see her leg warmers on September 23.  It you aren't impressed... well, I'm speechless!

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  1. *Blush* ooooh thank you, thank you. I have done nothing but knitting lately, now I'm rather busy too. My old photoes are at the bottom of my to do list. Keep up the good work!


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