Friday, September 2, 2011

Many sticks and wool

Beginning of the semester... starting lots of new things.  Where did retirement go?  I guess I got a little crazy this past month with the realization that I would be 'home' for the rest of 2011.  So I signed up for all of the things that I've wanted to do, and some that others have wanted me to do.  Kind of fun as long as I get a few long knitting days, too.
Here's a recap of my last week.  (I have many more things on needles, but these have been in my hands during the past 7 days.)
A toddler pullover to use up leftover yarn:
 A topsy-turvy doll.  I'm stuck 'thinking' about a face...  The skirt was created by my daughter more than a year ago.
 Something NEW for me:  Dahlia pattern for the back of a light-weight cardigan. (This will be the MOST fun part.  After the back, it may languish in line behind my other cardigans...)
 Mittens, really mittens, with a flap over the fingers.  (Started last March/February?)
The cow, socks and vest are closer to being done...  Maybe this weekend!  Have a great one!  Pow-wow pictures are next.


  1. You have done a lot of knitting this days! I'm very curious about the dahlia cardi,I never saw anything like it.

  2. So much yarn and so little time. All I can say is "Wow!"


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