Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Doggies that make me smile

Went out for a quick trip to the mountains.  Perfect weather:  Some clouds, some dark, but no rain;  just wonderful air.  Friend, MLE, invited me along with her choice of a pooch (she has six or so to choose from) to ride up to the mountains (an hour) and relax with a packed lunch along the river.
But first we had to load "Boomer" into the car.
That's one happy and well-behaved dog.  He definitely knows he was the "chosen" one!
Moments before went like this:
MLE:  Jul, come hold this dog while I get Boomer into the car.
Me:  OK.  I got him.
MLE:  (to the other 16 dogs) STAY!
Me:  (2 seconds later)Ahhh!!  M!! They all got out!
At this point, I'm standing inside the fence with my dog (I did as I was told) and the other 16 were ALL in the car.  Ten minutes later, I took the above picture.  Each dog was individually escorted back to the yard.  LOL
I chose to introduce MLE to geocaching.  That's the price she had to pay for inviting me...
We took a delightful detour off the main road, through some little side canyons, and as I remarked how remarkable the quality of the road was, ahead, we spied the end of pavement.  The next 7 miles were what we expected of such a road, and we located a cache up a hillside with a lot of luck.
Re-built schoolhouse from 1905 - MLE rang the school bell but no children came.
Then we headed for the real mountains (Colorado):
And located another cache on our way home.

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  1. It's comforting to know that not only my dogs doesn't listen to me.


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