Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy WIP's

Yes, it's been over a week, and I've been scrambling for time.  Time for everything. Somehow I'm teaching again, and it greatly interferes with my knitting,... and blogging, time.
When I've had a few moments, I end up reading everyone else's blog and never getting to writing anything of my own.
Here's what I have to report:
On needles:
Romper, waiting for a quiet moment to start the finishing!  Needs the button bands, buttons and short sleeves.
Very cute with the off-set front opening.  The second leg is finished - they are the same length.
Mystery KAL:  A shawl by Susanna IC which is more fun than I imagined - getting 10+ rows at a time.  It's a mystery, so I'm not supposed to share.  If you want to see the first 22 rows, you'll have to look on Ravelry.
Meanwhile, I have my own little challenge going on.  I decided if I was to KAL a shawl that I should take time to knit my own shawl that has been started (one row) since last March. It's been frogged several times, has beads and all the lace and is also designed by Susanna IC.  So I have TWO shawls simultaneously creeping along...  Here's the Oslo Walk Shawl:
Why, I ask myself, should I be knitting two more shawls.  For the past week by Europa shawl has been my constant companion.  It stays in my bag for cool moments, and accompanies me out of the house in the brisk morning air.  I really like it more than I ever imagined;  it isn't all lacey like the above but many rows of stockinette.  And in 3 weeks I'll be spiffing up my lace techniques with Nancy Bush when she visits Yarn Durango (Colorado). But I digress... there's more:
Like the socks I started side-by-side.  Or not really 'started' at the same time, but they are side-by-side...now.
Then I have another toddler pullover, a lightweight cardigan for myself, and a cow waiting in the wings.  Better put my feet up!

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  1. have fun with Nancy Bush!! I'm jealous, and happy for you!


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