Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's a mystery to me!
I joined up with 1,000+ other "ravelers" to take advantage of Susanna IC, and her wonderful talent to design shawls.  It's a mystery shawl, which means I have no clue as to what it will look like.  It doesn't matter;  it's the process!
Lots of things I don't know:
#1:  How do you sign up for a KAL?  I'm not sure how I discovered it, either, but after 3 visits to groups in Ravelry, I managed, and received my first 6 rows. (Which I devoured as if I hadn't anything else on needles...LOL)
#2:  What colors are in my yarn?  I had no idea, until I looked at this picture all blown up, that I had such a variety of colors.  Are they real?  What I've been holding in my hands is MUCH darker.  I'm using green beads, since it's all about stash busting, AND these are the only beads I have.
#3:  As soon as I cast on I was consumed with remorse at having put aside another shawl.  I cast on in January, thinking I would use it as a KAL with a friend - long distance.  After 2 rows, a frog and one row completed, it has languished in a container on the shelf.  Then I decided to challenge myself:  For every row of my new-found-friend-mystery-shawl, I would complete a row of my "Oslo Walk" shawl.  Little did I know...(hence #3 - I don't know) it was by Susanna IC, too!!  So this is turning into a two-fer!  Now I can't stop... until the beads run out.
Using the same beads.
#4:  I also don't know when I should go to bed!  My eyes are closing... I can type with them closed - THAT I know.
#5:  I didn't know:  My long distance friend had signed up for the same KAL!  Great minds...
Sweet dreams, shawls!


  1. I haven't knitted anything yet with beads. Is it hard?

  2. Hee Hee. Knitting with your eyes closed. Sometimes when I look at what I've just knit, it seems as if that is exactly how I have knit.


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