Sunday, August 14, 2011

Socks! The Perfect Project

As I finish up my newest cardigan, and somehow find challenges EVERY time I do some knitting project, I start to wonder why I have these challenges at all.
Afterall, I'm, what I consider, an experienced knitter... Maybe I think of myself too highly.  I generally have some obstacle to overcome.  (Varying sizes of cables and running out of yarn to name two problems in the past month.)  Maybe I deserve the label "intrepid" knitter... not experienced.
This leads me to believe that socks are the only items I knit that are relatively problem-free.  I counted up 15 sock projects in the past 30 months, and I remember only one of them having to be ripped back and re-knitted.
I 'heart' socks....  In a stress-free world, there would be only socks for knitting!  Hmmm. I'll think about that.
Ravelry Link to My Socks


  1. my dear Ms Intrepid,
    you *are* an experienced knitter, and that's why you don't have more problems than you do! You rarely use the yarn designed for when you start a project, yet you always come out with a very desirable, wearable, compliment-deserving garment!!
    Knit On!
    from your knitting and traveling buddy,
    Ms not-nearly-so-intrepid

  2. Experienced knitters overcome challenges and solve problems, not experienced knitters avoid them. The conclusion is yours to make :-)


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