Friday, August 12, 2011

New Face, and New and Old Projects

Our "Knit One, Drink Too" group has a new face:  Granddaughter to Kee joined us, and she's going to show us up!  Resistant to knitting for a number of years, she has returned from college with new talents... and we welcome that!
Look at her lovely projects, as a "new" knitter!!  OK!!!!!  How about some more "!!!!!!"'s.!!!!!
Shawl wrap, with wonderful cables:
 First socks (amazing talent--could Grandma have anything to do with that?)
Meanwhile, Dee and Jee are (ahem) finishing up on the baby blanket...One more row, please!
And the never ending "knit while you talk" socks:
Grandma Kee is diligently progressing with yet another purple garment...
Elsebeth Lavold style:
 There was a little discussion on which is the right side.  The picture with the pattern looks most like what "we" think is the wrong side, and very boring, too.  We like this:
Now that it's getting near the end, and a bit too big to cart around, socks are in order, with a few explicatives thrown in...  We try to ignore such behaviors and hope it isn't contagious.
I kept busy with my little sleeve, and no sooner had everyone left, and I decided to finish the sleeve, my yarn came to an end, and I was done sooner than I thought!

What bind-off?  The end of THAT story will be tomorrow.


  1. That shawl wrap is really breath taking?
    One more pullover for Granddaughter? ( theory based on the size of the sleeve you are knitting )

  2. Oh, no! At the end of the first sentence is "!", it's a mistake and I have no idea how to fix it. I apologies.


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