Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where I At?

Here I am!
After a #@$%^&*%$# trip back a week ago, I'm rested (mostly: it's strange how 100ºF temps exhaust the body), and I have no concerts or guests planned for the next month.  
Fact:  Within hours of my arrival home, we had guests for the 4th weekend, to play concerts and workshop.  My fingers still work, but barely.  Patriotic songs always include 'forte' and 'octaves', which can be exhausting for my well rested (one month off) fingers.  Particularly my knobby little finger got a little tired and sore by Sunday.
Knitting?  Of course...  temps don't bother me with my tiny projects. Give me a chair and a fan!
I have nine projects started, each begging for my time, and I'd love to give them my all...(see Ravelry link to the upper right) but instead I flit from one to the next thinking that each one should be the 1st priority.

  • A little Sage cardigan that I would wear with a summer dress.
  • My double knitted scarf with that cool pattern, promised for Fall
  • Cotton pullover, toddler size, that would be perfect anytime in Norway
  • Socks, just for the heck of it!  Portable is the key word.
Those are the projects that are out and about.  I'm fighting my urge to start something, or knit a row or two on the other 5 "in progress" projects.  Sorry, garden... too hot for you!
Guests, beware!  This is what is required for a stay at "Casa Hesse":

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