Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Udder Realization

It came to me.  Not in a dream, but by holding little mysterious pieces of knitting, and wondering whether I should just throw them in the trash or...  I noticed an almost perfect vertical row of knit stitches down the middle.  There were 2 purls mixed in, as if by mistake, which they were.  (My mistake or the pattern's? It was very confusing.)

Said vertical row led me to think that maybe it was meant to be folded along that line, and when I did, it magically turned into the coveted teat that can be seen drooping in all the cow pictures.

It magically invigorated me, and I quickly knitted up 3 more, plus an "udder patch" (which would be the udder itself) and since I was on a roll, I continued with one ear.  Maybe the second ear will be tonight.

With 9 pieces done, and 11 to go, I think I'll take a break, and work on something else. How can there be so many pieces to a cow?  Legs (4), hooves (4), ear (1), horn (1), and tail (1).  Not that much...  Sure looks kinda cute already!   And she needs a new name.  Sonia isn't going to cut it since that is also the nickname of Juju's babysitter.
CONTEST!  Name the cow!

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