Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tomato Optimism

This morning I had a craving:  Tomato plants.  I didn't crave the taste, just the plant.  I should have tomato plants growing within reach.  What's wrong with me?  It's July 30 and any tomato grower knows that by mid-May they should be out braving the elements. But alas, mid-May I was packing my suitcase.  It's only now, thirty days at home, and the prospect of 2 more months of summer that it occurred to me that there might be a homeless, orphaned tomato plant, so I went shopping.  Here they are: Annie 1 and Annie 2.  Annie 1 even has a tomato that could be picked for supper!  BONUS!!
This patch of dirt was recently rid of a huge overgrown pyracantha with numerous cottonwoods seeded into it.  Or maybe they arrived by traveling root--I don't know, but they were 8-10 feet high (3 meters, eh?).  Perfect mostly sunny spot, inside a protective patio wall - what's not to like?  GROW!!
btw: It's a jungle out there:  I was surrounded by wasps at the front of the house, and bitten by mosquitos at the back of the house.  What's to do in 88ºF/31ºC temps?  Sit inside, knit some little projects, and listen (keeping one eye on) to "Days"... (poor Elvis)

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  1. It seems that we have one more hobby in common: gardening. The plants look pretty strong.
    Bon appetite!


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