Saturday, July 16, 2011

Planning makes Perfect!

Just ask ANY knitter.  The best laid plans... (I don't know the rest of that idiom, but I know it isn't good!)
I feel your pain, Kee.  In April, we watched knitter friend, Kee, discuss and modify a sweater and pattern, to finally settle on the dream yarn of Ultra Pima Cotton.  And then we cooed and ooo'd over it as she knitted it up.
Lovely cables... and two weeks later the sleeves:
And then there was the awful silence.  Over night it grew.  Yep, it was too large, and it kept growing, in the washer and dryer, and finally, undaunted Kee took it to the "sewing machine".  Take THAT you unruly, dare to stretch all over the place...***.  And it was tamed at last.  Unfortunately, it's 104ºF here, so I haven't seen it modeled, nor a picture, but I believe it.
Meanwhile, Miss Me goes merrily over to her stash and pulls out... ultra Pima Cotton, the same stuff (however, I have fingertips that feel that lovely stuff, and my recollection of Kee's dastardly project are but distant memories) and Miss Me starts to knit.  Whoa, she says one day!  Is this growing before my eyes?  I check the gauge... seems OK, and I remind myself that I want it rather loose and airy.  Not really a sweater to keep me warm, but an accessory for a dress.
Then I, Miss Me, go to knit nite and Jee leans over and says, "Isn't that the same yarn that Kee used in her enormous sweater?"  I feign confidence, but tonight, when I got to the joining of the sleeves to the body, and the yoke, I broke down and admitted I might have a problem.
It's short.  I'm planning that it will "drape" and lengthen a bit, though it's supposed to be waist length.
Plan B:  That yoke has to be tighter, so I went from US 9 needles to US 7.  Wish me luck!
Holes?  That's plan C... not really--it is the pattern (k2tog YO).  The pattern:

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