Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to Assemble a Cow

Somebody, HELP!!
Some of you already guessed that from the previous blog about starting 5 projects, I would pick a favorite.  And I have.  Not REALLY a fave but one that seems more interesting at the moment, and it is:  THE COW.  I thought to myself:  Little pieces, no rush.  I'll knit a few and then a few more.... by November, it will be done.
I sat down, turned on some news, music and tv, and started to knit.  It went much faster than I thought, and I love the colors of the spots.  The red turned into a nice dark version of Ayrshire red.
 Those big pieces are the body.  Nowhere does it show what gets sewn to what, so I'm guessing here that the cow has a skinny neck.  And the head and muzzle turned out very cute.  But again, the instructions aren't very clear about the sewing, and attaching to the body.  I'm stalling.
  The little round (flat looking) patch is... an udder.  Someone doesn't know about cow anatomy, and I'm beginning to doubt myself (even though I grew up on a dairy farm and am more familiar with cow udders than most).  I believe it's supposed to be one of four teats. And a cow has only one udder. It sure doesn't look like it, nor resemble any of the pictures. Oh well. 

Maybe I'll get some help on this.  I looked for corrections, but didn't find any. So, this is a warning that if you're thinking of making this, be prepared to be on your own!  It is marked for "the more experienced knitter" as it should! 
A finished picture from the book:
 I'm hoping mine will look as sweet as this one!

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  1. I was going to suggest that maybe it was a bull, but it says 'Sonya the cow'...so I don't know! Our cows never had horns...

    have fun with the starting...planning more starts myself, though I can't say I've earned the privilege by finishing anything lately...(btw, your feedjit thinks I'm in Lima now)


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