Thursday, July 14, 2011

An evening of fun!

A few weeks ago, my daughter pulled out a huge bag of yarn.  She has shopped over the years, started and finished many things, and some just didn't work out.  I was offered the yarn: Help myself...
This is DROPS Symphony yarn-- a lot of it...  But thrifty me, I persevered!
This was my evening of "fun"!
It's lovely stuff, and I look forward to "someday" having a project that will use it.  There are two knitted pieces that I didn't unravel.  I worked only on the loose bits.  It's SO silky that it falls off the ball very easily.
Added to my stash - Handle with Care!

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  1. Those two colors are going together so well, are you planning to use them together? I'm curious to see what it will become.


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